Garden Vegetables

Looking for the best vegetables to grow in your home garden? Finding the perfect veggies for a bountiful harvest can be a challenge for even the most seasoned gardeners. It's important to have the proper balance in every garden. In this section, you'll learn everything you need to know about the best veggies to plant in your garden this season.

In a brown soil bed, lush green plants with large, pointed leaves thrive. Their substantial brown rhizomes are prominently displayed in this vibrant garden scene.


What’s the Difference Between Roots and Rhizomes?

Have you ever noticed the words root and rhizome used interchangeably and wondered if there is a difference? I’m here to tell you there is! Join small-scale farming expert Jenna Rich as she discovers the true meaning of root and rhizome and provides insight that should make you feel confident about the meaning of both terms and how they affect plant growth.

giant pumpkins


15 Tips for Growing Giant Pumpkins

Have you always wanted to grow epic pumpkins? Growing giant pumpkins takes a bit of extra planning and work. But under the right conditions, you can grow some epic-sized pumpkins. In this article, certified master gardener Laura Elsner walks you through 15 tips for growing epic-sized pumpkins in your garden.

Different varieties of colorful tomatoes


Types of Tomatoes and Their Classifications

Looking to learn a lot more about the different types of tomatoes and their classifications? Tomatoes have a few different classes, which help or inhibit their growth, depending on your hardiness zone. In this article, gardening expert Logan Hailey looks at the different types of tomatoes, and their classifications.

A close-up reveals a small orange winter squash gently resting horizontally on the fertile, dark soil. The fruit is encircled by vibrant green leaves.


22 Winter Squash Varieties For Fall Harvests

Are you thinking of adding winter squash to your garden this season? There are many types to choose from, depending on your hardiness zone. In this article, gardening expert and farm owner Jenna Rich looks at the most popular types of winter squash to grow this season, with names and pictures of each!

grow peppers in containers


How to Grow Pepper Plants in Pots or Containers

Don’t let limited space keep you from a plentiful pepper harvest. Peppers, whether spicy or sweet, grow great in containers! In this article, gardening expert Danielle Sherwood shares what you need to grow beautiful and tasty pepper plants in pots.


How and When to Harvest Tomatoes

Confused about the best time of season to harvest your garden tomatoes, or the best time to start harvesting? Harvesting at the right time can mean the difference between a low-yield and a productive one. In this article, gardening expert Jenna Rich examines when you should start harvesting your tomatoes, and the best process to do it.

Watermelons direct sown in May Spring Garden


9 Fruits and Vegetables to Direct Seed in May

Are you looking to direct seed some fruits or veggies into your garden in the midst of spring? It's the perfect month to direct sow a number of different seeds right into your garden plot or raised beds. In this article, gardening expert and former organic farmer Logan Hailey shares her favorite fruits and vegetables to start direct seeding into your garden during the month of May.

Four carrots in the end of the growth cycle being pulled in the garden for harvest.


Carrot Growth Stages: How Fast do Carrots Grow?

Thinking of planting carrots but aren't too sure how long it takes them to grow? Carrots can be planted later in the season, but how long does it take for them to fully mature? In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen takes you through all you need to know about the growth cycle of carrots in your garden.

Three Different Lettuce Varieties Growing in Garden


35 Different Types of Lettuce to Grow This Season

Are you looking for the right variety of lettuce to grow in your garden this season, but can't decide what to plant? There are many different types of lettuce to choose from, depending on your hardiness zone. In this article, gardening expert and organic farmer Jenna Rich looks at the most popular types of lettuce you can test in your vegetable garden this season.


How Far Apart Should You Plant Carrot Seeds?

Trying to figure out how far apaart you need to plant your carrot seeds in your garden or in your raised beds? Proper carrot spacing will help ensure that they have enough room to grow. In this article, gardening expert Melissa Strauss shares exactly how far apart your carrots should be spaced out when planting from seed.

New tomatoes seeded in the month of April in garden


15 Vegetables to Start Seeding in April

April is the start of spring, and a month when many gardeners across the northern hemisphere start planting their crops. In this article, gardening expert and former organic farmer Logan Hailey shares her favorite vegetables to start seeding in April.

Zucchini growing next to one another spaced in rows


How Far Apart Should You Plant Zucchini?

Are you getting ready to plant zucchini but aren't quite sure how far apart they need to be? Zucchini typically grows best when they have a little space, but how much space is needed? In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen shares the ideal spacing requirements for your garden grown zucchini this season.

shade friendly tomatoes


17 Shade-Friendly Tomato Varieties For Gardens With Less Sun

Are you looking for some shade-friendly tomatoes that can handle a bit less sun? If you have a shady spot in your garden, you may think that tomatoes can't be grown in your garden at all. But that isn't the case. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen shares her favorite tomato varieties that can thrive in partial shade.

Garden crops being direct sown in garden. Squash, beets and carrots all growing in the dirt.


11 Vegetables That Are Perfect For Direct Sowing in Spring

Are you intent on direct sowing seeds into your vegetable garden or raised garden beds this season? There are a number of different crops that prefer to be sown directly into the ground, especially in the spring. In this article, gardening expert and former organic farmer Logan Hailey shares her favorite crops to add to direct sow into your garden this season.

Tomato seedlings growing indoors in a small seed tray made of recyclable material.


When and How to Start Tomato Seeds Indoors

Starting your tomato seeds indoors provides quite a few different benefits. It allows gardeners in colder climates to get a head start on their spring gardens, while eliminating some early direct-sowing risks. In this article, organic farmer Jenna Rich walks through how and when to start seeding your tomatoes indoors this season.