Plant Problems

Does your plant have problems that need to be addressed? From plant discoloration to dying plants, this section covers all things related to plant problems. Some issues may be merely cosmetic, while others could be very harmful to the health of your plant. You'll find the most plant-specific issues, and how to address them.

Ponytail Palm Indoors


Why is My Ponytail Palm Dying? Can I Revive it?

Ponytail palms can be fickle plants. They are quite beautiful though, when well taken care of. But what happens when your ponytail palm starts dying? What should you do now? In this article, amateur gardener Jason White examines the steps you should take to revive your favorite plant.

Lavender During Wintertime


Why is My Lavender Plant Dying? How Can I Fix it?

Lavender is a very popular plant and it has many uses. It can be used in cooking, essential oils, and some people just like it for the amazing smell it produces. But what happens when you grow a lavender plant, and it starts dying for what appears to be no reason? In this article, amateur gardener Jason White examines the most common reasons your lavender plant may not be doing so well.

Elephant Ear Plant at Sunset


8 Reasons Your Elephant Ear Plants Are Turning Yellow or Brown

Trying to figure out why your elephant ear plant's leaves are turning yellow or brown? The good news is, that many of the reasons why this happens are quite common and not something to be overly worried about. Some causes are more fixable that others. In this article, you'll learn all the different reasons why your elephant ear plant's leaves may be turning yellow or brown.

Dying Creeping Jenny Plant


Why is My Creeping Jenny Dying? Here are 9 Reasons it Happens

Creeping Jenny can be a wonderful addition to any home garden. But what happens when you notice that your plant isn't growing well, and it appears to be dying? Creeping Jenny can die for a variety of different reasons, and in this article, amateur gardener Jason White looks at 9 specific reasons your plant may be looking a little worse for wear.