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Color Changing Hydrangea


How to Change The Color of Your Hydrangeas in 6 Simple Steps

So you've decided you want to change your hydrangea's color to vibrant pink, beautiful blue, or a vivid violet? Some varieties of hydrangea will adjust their flower color based on the nutrient values of the soil. In this article, gardening expert and hydrangea enthusiast Jill Drago walks through how to change the color of your hydrangeas in 6 simple steps!

drought tolerant shade perennials


29 Drought Tolerant Shade Perennials For Dry Climates

Looking for some drought tolerante shade perennials to plant in your more arid climate? There are plenty of plants that meet this criteria, depending on your gardening goals. In this article, we look at our favorite perennials that are built to withstand drier conditions in the shade.

plants that thrive in poor soil


21 Plants That Can Grow in Poor Soil Conditions

If you have poor soil conditions, picking plants to add to your garden can be a challenge! The good news is that there are many different plants that will grow in poor soil, and have learned to adapt to harsher conditions over time. In this article, we take a look at our favorite plants that will grow in even the poorest soil conditions.

zucchini growing tips


17 Tips For Growing Great Zucchini in Your Garden

Looking to grow some great garden zucchini this season? Growing a healthy zucchini harvest is more of an art form than science. These fast growers are a garden favorite, but it's always important to maximize your yields, and there are several ways to do just that. In this article, homesteader and gardening expert Merideth Cohrs provides her top tips for growing great garden zucchini this season!

White Dahlia With Pink Variety


Dahlia Varieties: 64 Different Types of Dahlia Cultivars

Dahlias are some of the most beautiful perennial flowers you can add to your garden. But which types of dahlias should you add this season? While the flower lover in me says add "all of them," there simply just isn't enough room to do that. There are thousands of dahlia cultivars you can plant, so we've selected some of our favorites to show you how beautiful these flowers can be!

bathroom plants


21 Bathroom Houseplants That Can Absorb Moisture

Thinking of adding a plant to your bathroom, but aren't sure which one to pick in order to soak up that bathroom humidity? In this article, we've laid out a comprehensive list of plants that will thrive in your bathroom, and take all the humidity you can give them!

Lacecap Hydrangea in Blue


How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Lacecap Hydrangeas

Lacecap hydrangeas are a wonderful addition to any garden. But if you've never grown them before, where do you start? Lacecaps can be a bit pickier than other types of hydrangea, so it's important to understand all their needs before you begin planting. In this article, gardening expert and hydrangea enthusiast Jill Drago highlights every step you'll need to follow when growing lacecap hydrangeas this season.

dahlias sun or shade


Do Dahlias Like Full Sun, Partial Shade, or Fully Shaded Areas?

Trying to decide if you want to plant some dahlias, but want to know what their sun needs are before you do? Dahlias are some of the most popular flowers due to the many different varieties they produce. In this article, we examine if dahlias like full sun, partial shade, or if they can survive in full shade!

florida perennials


21 Perennial Plants For Florida Garden Spaces

Finding the perfect balance of perennials in Florida can be a challenge due to the high heat and humidity that the state is well known for. Even with the heat and humidity, there are plenty of perennials that love a more tropical environment! In this article, we look at our favorite perennial plants that can survive in the hot, humid, Florida climate.

Hoya Krimson Queen vs. Hoya Princess


Hoya Krimson Queen vs. Hoya Princess: What’s The Difference?

If you’re looking at adding to your houseplant collection, chances are a Hoya carnosa is on your list. But the ever-popular Krimson Queen and Princess have probably thrown a spanner in the works with their similarities. While similar, the pair has a host of differences to look out for, which gardening expert Madison Moulton gets into in this article.

alocasia varieties


Types of Alocasia: 25 Different Alocasia Varieties

Looking to add some alocasia to your indoor garden, but aren't quite sure where to start? There are many different types of alocasia, so picking the perfect plant can be a bit of a challenge! In this article, we look at the many different alocasia varieties to help you decide which one to add to your plant collection!

Hydrangea Diseases


12 Hydrangea Diseases: How to Identify, Prevent, and Treat Them

Did you recently plant hydrangeas in your garden, but aren't quite sure how to identify the most common diseases that may attack them? There are many different hydrangea diseases that may attack your plant, but knowing how to identify, prevent, and treat them is critically important. In this article, gardening expert and hydrangea enthusiast Jill Drago walks through the different hydrangea diseases that are most likely to strike.

Begonia Grown Indoors


Are Begonias Annual, Biennial, or Perennial Plants?

Thinking of adding some begonias to your garden, but want to know if they are annuals, perennials, or biennials before you start planting? These are common questions for flower gardeners of all experience levels. Find out what you can expect from these beautiful flowers, and how many seasons they will actually stick around for!

cabbage companion plants


21 Cabbage Companion Plants You Can Grow With Cabbage

Companion planting can be an art form, specifically if you have limited gardening space. Cabbage is a shade friendly veggie that can grow well with a number of different vegetables. In this article, gardening expert and former organic farmer Sarah Hyde examines her favorite companion plants for cabbage in your garden.

Repot Pothos


How to Repot a Pothos Plant in 5 Easy Steps

Does your pothos plant need repotting? Maybe you've just brought one home, or perhaps your favorite pothos is growing too big for it's current container. If so, you'll need to follow specific steps to make sure you don't harm your pothos plant in the process. In this article and corresponding video, gardening expert Logan Hailey teaches you how to repot your pothos plant in 5 easy steps!

flowers that bloom all year


31 Beautiful Flowers That Will Bloom All Season Long

There are many different flowers that will actually bloom all year depending on your climate, and geographic location. But choosing the perfect fit for your garden can be a bit of a challgenge! In this article, we look at our favorite annuals and perennials that will keep blooming in your garden all year long!

growing tomatoes in pots


13 Tips For Growing Tomatoes in Pots or Containers

Growing tomatoes in pots or containers can be great for gardeners that lack the space of a full vegetable garden. Tomatoes can be picky plants to grow, so it's important to make sure meet all their needs. In this article, gardening expert Sarah Hyde provides her top tips for growing tomatoes in pots or containers this season.

Bright Hydrangea Blooms


15 Tips To Keep Your Hydrangeas Blooming All Season Long

If you've planted hydrangeas in your garden, you may be wondering how to keep their blooms going as long as possible. Hydrangeas can be picky plants, which makes perfect blooms a never-ending challenge. In this article, gardening expert and hydrangea enthusiast Jill Drago gives you her top tips for longer and brighter blooms.