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Looking for important plant information for your garden or indoor plants? Maybe you just need information on how to keep pests out of your garden? Perhaps you can't figure out why the leaves on your plants are yellow, brown, or dying? In this section, you'll get answers to common gardening questions, plant problems, and more.

Brown Spot on Bell Pepper


What’s Causing Black or Brown Spots on My Bell Peppers?

Did you recently notice some brown or black spots on your bell peppers, but aren't sure what's causing it? There are actually a few reasons this might occur, so properly diagnosing the problem is imperative. In this article, we take a look at the most common reasons you may find spots on your bell peppers, and how to fix them when possible.

Hosta in Garden With Yellow Leaves


Hosta Leaves Turning Yellow? Here’s 10 Common Reasons Why

Is your hosta's leaves turning yellow? Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common problem for many owners of these spectacular plants. The good news is there's a few common reasons it happens. In this article, amateur gardener Jason White looks at why your hosta's leaves may be yellowing, and what to do about it.

Brown Dying Chrysanthemum Plant


Are Your Mums Turning Brown? Here’s How To Revive Them

Are your Chrysanthemums turning brown, but you aren't quite sure what to do? Chrysanthemums, also known as "Mums" are a very hardy flower. The good news is that if you've seen some browning, you can likely reverse course. In this article, amateur gardener Jason White examines what to do when you see browning, and how to recover.

Blueberry Plant Red Leaves


Does Your Blueberry Plant Have Red Leaves? Here’s How to Fix it!

Did you recently plant a blueberry plant in your garden or yard, only to find its leaves are turning red? What could be causing the leaves to turn colors when they normally should be healthy and green? In this article, amateur gardener Jason White helps troubleshoot why your blueberry plant has this problem, and how to fix it.

Yellow Dying Pothos Plant


Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow? Here’s Why, and How To Fix It

Do you have a pothos plant in your home or indoor garden area that's leaves are starting to turn yellow? Usually, this is a sign of plant stress, and your green companion plant is trying to tell you something. There are many reasons for yellowing pothos leaves, and in this guide, we explore all of them, including troubleshooting tips on how to fix it.

Ponytail Palm Indoors


Why is My Ponytail Palm Dying? Can I Revive it?

Ponytail palms can be fickle plants. They are quite beautiful though, when well taken care of. But what happens when your ponytail palm starts dying? What should you do now? In this article, amateur gardener Jason White examines the steps you should take to revive your favorite plant.

Daylily Plant


How to Control, or Kill and Remove Daylilies From Your Garden

Daylily weeds can be very invasive to areas around your home, or your personal gardening space. They can also be quite difficult to get rid of, so it's important to act quickly once you've spotted them. In this article, amateur gardener Jason White examines several different methods to rid yourself of daylilies, and how to stop them from coming back.

Lavender During Wintertime


Why is My Lavender Plant Dying? How Can I Fix it?

Lavender is a very popular plant and it has many uses. It can be used in cooking, essential oils, and some people just like it for the amazing smell it produces. But what happens when you grow a lavender plant, and it starts dying for what appears to be no reason? In this article, amateur gardener Jason White examines the most common reasons your lavender plant may not be doing so well.

Venus Fly Trap in Flower Pot


Should I Let My Venus Flytrap Flower? Is it Bad For The Plant?

Do you have a Venus Flytrap plant in your home and aren't sure if you should let it flower or not? There are several different opinions on whether letting this plant grow its full flowers will actually help, or harm it. Gardening expert Madison Moulton walks through a little history of this popular plant, and if you should let yours flower or not.

Plant Succulents in Rocks


Can You Plant Succulents in Rocks? Will They Actually Grow?

Are you considering adding some succulents to your rocks in your garden? Perhaps you are thinking of planting some succulents using rocks in a bowl as the soil? If you do, are you wondering if your succulent will even grow correctly? In this article, we examine everything you need to know about planting succulents in rock beds, or bowls of rocks!

Elephant Ear Plant at Sunset


8 Reasons Your Elephant Ear Plants Are Turning Yellow or Brown

Trying to figure out why your elephant ear plant's leaves are turning yellow or brown? The good news is, that many of the reasons why this happens are quite common and not something to be overly worried about. Some causes are more fixable that others. In this article, you'll learn all the different reasons why your elephant ear plant's leaves may be turning yellow or brown.

Butterfly on Vegetable in Garden


Are Butterflies Good or Bad For Vegetable Gardening?

If you are starting a new vegetable garden, it's only natural to wonder about which pests are harmful, and which are beneficial to your new found veggie patch. Butterflies are a bug, that frequent areas with plants that flower or bloom. But are butterflies good or bad for vegetable gardens? Should you keep them away from your new veggie patch? Organic gardening specialist Logan Hailey answers this question.

Dying Houseplant Being Held


What Happens to Plants That Are Kept in The Dark?

Are you thinking of adding a new houseplant to your office space, but typically don't keep the area well lit? Perhaps you want to know what type of artificial light you need to get your plant if the room it's in is too dark? Maybe you just want to know what happens when you leave a plant in a dark room for too long? Find out what happens to plants when they don't get enough light!

Miracle-Gro Organic Gardening


Can Miracle-Gro Be Used in Organic Gardens? Is it Safe and Effective?

When starting your very own organic garden, you may be curious if certain fertilizers are safe to use. Miracle-Gro is a commercially available fertilizer, and you may be asking yourself if this product is safe to use given its popularity. In this article, organic gardening expert Logan Hailey examines if Miracle Gro's products are safe and effective to use when gardening organically.