Flower Guides

Looking for some guidance on which flowers to plant in your garden this season? In this section, we cover all things flowers. We take a deeper look at every flower you can think of, from Dahlias, to Asters, and Zinnias. You'll find our "how to plant, grow, and care" guides, as well as lists and names of many different flowers that will provide color and life to your garden.

Abundant red and purple fuchsia blooms dangle from slender stems.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Hardy Fuchsia

Are you curious about hardy fuchsia? These beautiful shrubs brighten the landscape with their immensely showy flowers in vibrant colors. In ideal conditions, they can bloom continually from late spring until fall. In this article, gardening enthusiast Liessa Bowen will discuss the proper care and maintenance of these spectacular plants

Overhead view of pink and white Cosmos blooms peeking out from feathery foliage, planted in a black pot.


11 Tips for Growing Cosmos in Pots

Are you searching for a plant that’s an “easy-keeper” in your container garden? Do you want to add both color and character to your patio pots? Fun and quirky cosmos may be the flower for you! Known for cut flowers and pollinator patches, you rarely hear about growing cosmos in pots. In this article, flower expert Taylor Sievers shares some tips to set you up for success when growing cosmos in containers!

close up of a pink Asiatic lily bloom with a yellow center and prominent anthers.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Asiatic Lilies

Want to know more about Asiatic lilies and how to care for them? Are you looking to inject the landscape with bold color and unusual foliage? In this article, certified master gardener Liz Jaros breaks down the genus and discusses everything you need to know about growing Asiatic lilies.

A beautiful cluster of violet garden phlox flowers bloom in the late-summer garden.


17 Late-Summer Blooming Flowers

Do you struggle to find color in your garden as summer winds to a close? Timing your perennials is essential to have something blooming all season long. Late summer is sometimes an overlooked period in the season, but many flowers bloom during this time. In this article, certified master gardener Laura Elsner will show you 17 flowers that will keep your garden interesting into fall.

A small container of bright pink zinnias awaits transplanting into a larger pot.


11 Tips for Growing Beautiful Zinnias in Pots

Zinnias are a flower grower's dream with their long bloom season, range of color options, and ability to grow well on patios in containers or raised beds. Today, there are cultivars explicitly bred for container growing, so if you have containers you want to fill up with flowers, look no further than zinnias. Join small-scale farming expert Jenna Rich to discuss some tips and tricks to grow beautiful zinnias in containers.

tall stalks of bright red canna lilies bloom together on a sunny day


Do Canna Lilies Spread Out or Stay in One Place?

Canna lilies bring bold tropical blooms to the garden. But how much room do they need and what does their growth pattern look like? Find out if these dramatic blooms will naturally spread in the garden or need to be replanted every year!

Tall red hollyhock flower growing in garden with yellow center stamen


Hollyhock Size: How Tall Do They Get?

Thinking of adding hollyhocks to your garden, but aren't sure how tall they will get? In this article, gardening expert Paige Foley examines the typical height of a hollyhock, and what you can expect when adding them to your garden.

prune bleeding hearts


How and When to Prune Bleeding Heart Plants

Not sure when you should prune your bleeding hearts this season? These picky plants can benefit from a good pruning when the timing is right. In this article, gardening expert Paige Foley shares her top tips for both how and when to prune bleeding heart flowers this season!

A beautiful display of petunias, presenting an array of striking hues from dark purple to glistening white. Set against a backdrop of lush, verdant leaves, these flowers create a captivating sight in the garden.


How Long Will My Petunias Actually Last?

Not sure how long you can expect your petunias to last after they've been planted? In this article, gardening expert Paige Foley examines the average lifespan of a petunia, as well as how long you can expect them to stick around.

A close-up of two vibrant yellow coreopsis flowers in all their glory. In the blurred background, a symphony of additional coreopsis blooms and their slender stems, along with grasses.


How to Plant, Grow and Care For Coreopsis Flowers

Are you curious about coreopsis? There are so many varieties of coreopsis available for home gardeners, it would be difficult not to find one that’s just right for your space. In this article, gardening enthusiast Liessa Bowen will discuss the proper care and maintenance of the colorful and cheerful coreopsis.

A close-up of a petunia plant reveals a wilted purple bloom being gently held by a hand. The vibrant pink and purple blooms stand out against the backdrop of lush green leaves. However, a few blooms are showing signs of wilting, their vibrant colors fading.


How to Deadhead Petunias in 5 Simple Steps

Do you need to deadhead spent petunias in your garden? And if so, how should you do it? In this article, gardening expert Paige Foley examines exactly how to deadhead your petunias this season in just five simple steps.