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Jenna Rich

Jenna is a former Chicago business professional turned organic farmer with over 5 years of experience organically growing vegetables, herbs and cut flowers. She has grown for farmers markets, CSA, and several local restaurants in zone 5a. She co-owns and runs Partners’ Gardens LLC, a small-scale, no-till market garden in New Hampshire.

summer squash varieties


23 Different Types of Summer Squash Varieties

Are you looking for some summer squash to plant in your garden this season but aren't sure which type to pick? There are many varieties you can choose from, so finding the right variety for your hardiness zone is important. In this article, gardening expert Jenna Rich looks at her favorite types of summer squash you can grow!

A gardener's hands up close after trimming a basil shrub with metal pruning shears.


How to Prune Basil in 6 Easy Steps

Does your basil need a trim? If you want to prune your garden-grown basil but haven't done it before, you might be wondering where to start. In this article, gardening expert and organic farmer Jenna Rich outlines the six simple steps you can follow for pruning healthy basil plants!

Prune Tomato Plants


How to Prune Tomato Plants in 6 Easy Steps

Are you struggling to find the most efficient way of pruning your tomato plants this season? Tomato pruning can be a chore, but it doesn't have to be complicated. In this article, gardening expert and farm owner Jenna Rich walks through the six steps you'll need to follow when pruning your tomato plants this season.

A gardener wearing black latex gloves pruning tomato plants that are on the vine, in a greenhouse. The tomatoes are green and not yet ripe.


When Should You Prune Your Tomato Plants This Season?

Are you unsure when you should start pruning your tomato plants this season? Regular pruning is an essential part of tomato plant maintenance, so it's important to do it regularly. In this article, gardening expert and farm owner Jenna Rich details when you should be pruning your tomato plants!