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Jason White

Jason White's experience started off in digital marketing over a decade ago. He is now an amateur hobby gardener, who has created his own garden at his rural home in Middle Tennessee. He enjoys growing fruit, vegetables, and some fruit trees on his property. He has aspirations of someday being completely self-sustainable and growing all of his own food.

Golden Pothos


Golden Pothos: How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Epipremnum Aureum

The Golden Pothos is the "gold standard" when it comes to houseplants (yes, slight pun intended). They are a hardy plant, that can withstand even some of the more neglectful plant owners. In this article, amateur gardener Jason White covers exactly how to plant, grow, and care for the Golden Pothos plant.

Hosta in Garden With Yellow Leaves


Hosta Leaves Turning Yellow? Here’s 10 Common Reasons Why

Is your hosta's leaves turning yellow? Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common problem for many owners of these spectacular plants. The good news is there's a few common reasons it happens. In this article, amateur gardener Jason White looks at why your hosta's leaves may be yellowing, and what to do about it.

Brown Dying Chrysanthemum Plant


Are Your Mums Turning Brown? Here’s How To Revive Them

Are your Chrysanthemums turning brown, but you aren't quite sure what to do? Chrysanthemums, also known as "Mums" are a very hardy flower. The good news is that if you've seen some browning, you can likely reverse course. In this article, amateur gardener Jason White examines what to do when you see browning, and how to recover.

Watering Air Plants


Should You Water Airplants? How Much Water Should They Get?

Did you recently add an air plant to your indoor garden, but aren't sure how much watering is required, or if it's required at all? Air plants are peculiar in how they are easily transported, and can grow quite easily from cuttings. In this article, amateur gardener Jason White looks at what you can expect when watering air plants.

How Long Do Air Plants Live


How Long Do Air Plants Live and What’s Their Average Lifespan?

Are you thinking of adding an airplant to your indoor living space, but aren't sure if you want to because you don't know how long they actually live? In this article, amateur gardener Jason White examines how long airplants typically live, and how you can extend their lifespan through proper care.

Blueberry Plant Red Leaves


Does Your Blueberry Plant Have Red Leaves? Here’s How to Fix it!

Did you recently plant a blueberry plant in your garden or yard, only to find its leaves are turning red? What could be causing the leaves to turn colors when they normally should be healthy and green? In this article, amateur gardener Jason White helps troubleshoot why your blueberry plant has this problem, and how to fix it.

Yellow Dying Pothos Plant


Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow? Here’s Why, and How To Fix It

Do you have a pothos plant in your home or indoor garden area that's leaves are starting to turn yellow? Usually, this is a sign of plant stress, and your green companion plant is trying to tell you something. There are many reasons for yellowing pothos leaves, and in this guide, we explore all of them, including troubleshooting tips on how to fix it.