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Emma Braby

Emma Braby is a professional writer, dog lover, and amateur gardener. When she's not taking her dog for walks, she's spending time outdoors with her family and perfecting her written craft. After leaving her former role as a police officer for over a decade in England, she's worked hard to establish her presence online as a professional writer. She's written for a number of web-based publications and now gets to combine that experience with her passion for hobbyist gardening here at All About Gardening.

Hawaiian Flowers


Hawaiian Flowers: 21 Different Flowers Found Only in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful flora on the entire earth. With it's tropical climate, it's also home to many different flower types, some which are very rare, and even endangered. In this article, amateur gardener Emma Braby examines 21 different flowers that originate in the island state of Hawaii.

Types of Flowers in Garden


301 Different Types of Flowers With Names and Pictures

Finding the right flowers for your home or garden can be very challenging. Not only do you have to think about seasonality, but you have to consider color, climate, environment, sunlight, and more. In this article, gardening enthusiast Emma Braby walks through over three hundred different types of flowers including their names and pictures of each!

Black Flowers


41 Black Flowers and Plants You Can Plant in Your Garden

If you are looking to go a little darker in your gardening theme, it's only natural to consider adding some black flowers to your home or garden. It's always crucial to find the right balance to any garden when it comes to color, which is why we always recommend a variety of different flowers and colors. In this article, gardener Emma Braby looks at 41 of our favorite black flowers to add a little mystery to your gardening area or home landscape.

Type of Pea in Garden


Types of Peas: Different Pea Plant Varieties To Grow in Your Garden

Peas can be a great plant to add to your vegetable garden. But there are three different types of peas, and several different varieties of each, depending on the pea type you are considering planting. It's important to understand the differences before planting seeds for your next harvest. In this article, gardener Emma Braby examines the three different types of peas, as well as the pea varieties under each.

Black Perennials


15 Black Perennial Flowers to Plant in Your Garden or Around Your Home

Are you thinking of planting some black perennial flowers to make your garden look a little more unique? Finding the right balance of color for your garden can be quite challenging. That's why it's good to have many different flowers of different species planted to balance each other out. In this article, we examine our favorite black perennial flowers for your home or garden.

Yellow Perennials


20 Yellow Perennial Flowers With Names and Pictures

Are you thinking of adding some vibrant yellow color to your home or garden? Finding the right balance of color for your garden or home landscape can be challenging! Too dark and you've gone gothic. But it's hard to go wrong with many different bright colors. In this article, we take a look at our favorite yellow perennial flowers to brighten up your living space.

Asparagus Types


Asparagus Types: 15 Asparagus Varieties To Grow in Your Garden

Are you thinking of adding some Asparagus to your garden this year? Did you know that there are actually 15 different types of Asparagus you can consider before you start planting? In this article, gardener Emma Braby looks at the different Asparagus varieties that you may want to consider before settling down to start planting in your garden.