Your plant journey here at AllAboutGardening doesn't just cover the basics. We dive in-depth into specific varieties of plants which include perennials, annuals, edibles, ornamentals, trees, houseplants, shrubs, and more. You'll also learn about gardening basics so you can teach the little ones in your life how to start planting from a young age.

Meet Our Team

Jason Wilson Profile Picture

Jason Wilson

Managing Editor

Jason is a digital marketer at heart who picked up hobby gardening in his spare time. He lives rurally with his family in Middle Tennessee and enjoys planting on his small hobby farm with his family.

Madison Moulton

Madison Moulton

Gardening Expert & Professional Writer

Madison is a professional writer and passionate gardener. She's been featured by Architectural Digest and Real Homes for her tropical plant knowledge.

Logan Hailey Profile Image

Logan Hailey

Organic Gardening Expert & Writer

Logan is a writer, and former full-time ecological farmer. She has a BS in sustainable horticulture, and is passionate about organic gardening.

Taylor Sievers Profile Picture AAG

Taylor Sievers

Gardening Expert, Farm Owner, & Writer

Taylor is a farmer-florist and owner of Sievers Blumen Farm. She loves wild plant identification and has a Master's Degree in Plant, Soil, & Agricultural Systems.

Laura Elsener Photo

Laura Elsner

Certified Master Gardener & Writer

Laura Elsner is a certified master gardener. She has been gardening professionally for over 15 years, with experience in cold climates.

Liz Jaros Profile Picture

Liz Jaros

Certified Master Gardener & Writer

Liz Jaros is a professional writer and certified master gardener. She divides her time writing garden content and running a landscape design business. 

Jill Drago Profile Picture

Jill Drago

Gardening Expert & Writer

Jill is a hobby gardener and mom. She earned her B.S. in Environmental Horticulture and Turfgrass Management from the University of Rhode Island.

Liessa Bowen Picture

Dr. Liessa Bowen

Gardening Expert & Writer

Liessa is a garden writer with a Master’s degree in wildlife biology from Iowa State University and a PhD in forestry from North Carolina State University.

Melissa Strauss Picture

Melissa Strauss

Gardening Expert & Writer

Melissa is a writer, hobby gardener, beekeeper and homemaker. She has experience with pollinator gardens and loves tending to her fruit trees.

Jenna Rich Profile Picture

Jenna Rich

Organic Farmer & Writer

Jenna is an organic farmer who has grown vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers for several years. She also runs a small no-till market in New Hampshire.

Danielle Sherwood Profile Picture

Danielle Sherwood

Gardening Expert & Writer

Danielle is a hobby gardener and writer. She is an expert in rose maintenance, and is in the process of earning her Master Gardener certification.

Natalie Leiker Profile Picture

Natalie Leiker

Gardening Expert & Writer

Natalie Leiker is a professional gardener and writer. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Agriculture with a focus on Horticulture Production.

Jason White Profile PIcture

Jason White

Hobby Gardener & Writer

Jason is an hobby gardener, and writer. Most of his gardening experience is in ornamental shrubs, and flowering plants. He occasionally dabbles in veggies.

Paige Foley Bio Picture

Paige Foley

Gardening Expert & Writer

Paige has a bachelor's degree in Agronomy from South Dakota State University. She's held various roles in the agriculture industry over the last 7 years.

Emily Horn Profile Picture

Emily Horn

Greenhouse Superintendent & Writer

Emily is currently the greenhouse superintendent at The Ohio State University. She has a Bachelor's degree in horticulture and crop sciences.

Sarah Hyde Bio Picture

Sarah Hyde

Organic Farm Consultant & Writer

Sarah Hyde is a farm consultant, and former organic farmer. She has extensive experience growing vegetables in desert climates and year-round harvesting.

Merideth Cohrs Profile Picture

Merideth Cohrs

Organic Gardener, Homesteader & Writer

Merideth is an organic gardener, suburban homesteader, and writer. Merideth has experience with all different types of vegetables, and flowers.

Lisa Ebner Profile Picture AAG

Lisa Ebner

Social Media Management & Design

Lisa Ebner is a branding specialist that's responsible for our Pinterest channel's design. She's a seasoned branding expert and indoor hobby gardener.

Daria Klypo Profile Picture

Daria Klypo

Content Manager

Daria has been a content manager for several online publications, and helps prepare content for publishing. She is also an avid houseplant enthusiast.