Meet The Team That Loves Gardening As Much As You!

Our mission at All About Gardening is to present our readers with all the information they need when it comes to starting their home garden. While here on our site, you’ll enjoy plant profiles and growing guides, plant comparisons, plant identification guides, as well as gardening gear reviews.

Originally founded in 2001, All About Gardening was a site that focused on general gardening information, but never really took off. Purchased in 2021 by Jason White, the site has been rehabilitated and is now home to thousands of readers every month.

Your plant journey here at AAG, won’t just cover the basiscs. We dive in-depth into specific varieties of plants which includes perrenials, annuals, edibles, ornamentals, trees, houseplants, shrubs, and more. You’ll also learn about gardening basiscs so you can teach the little ones in your life how to plant their favorite plants from a young age.

We have an active social media presence, and you can find us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Now, let’s take a look at our team!

Meet The Team

Jason White AAG
Jason White

Managing Editor and CEO

Jason is a digital marketer at heart who picked up hobby gardening. He lives rurally with his family in Middle Tennessee.

Madison Moulton
Madison Moulton

Gardening Expert & Professional Writer

Madison is a gardening expert that’s written for major publications, including Rural Sprout, the Gardener Magazine, and more.

Logan Hailey Picture
Logan Hailey

Organic Gardening Expert & Writer

Logan is a writer, organic farmer and co-owner of Ramblin Farmers. She travels the US teaching regenerative agriculture.

Taylor Sievers

Gardening Expert, Farm Owner & Writer

Taylor is a farmer-florist and owner of Sievers Blumen Farm. She loves wild plant identification and has a Master’s Degree in Plant, Soil, & Agricultural Systems.

Emma Braby
Emma Braby

Hobby Gardener & Professional Writer

Emma Braby is a writer, and hobby gardener. When she’s not writing about dogs, she’s thinking about gardening and knee deep in plant research.

Lisa Ebner
Lisa Ebner

Social Media Management & Design

Lisa Ebner is a branding specialist that’s responsible for our Pinterest channel’s design. She’s a seasoned branding expert and indoor hobby gardener.